Inspiration behind the
1000 Goddesses

The inspiration behind the 1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid was a request from Mother Gaia and a greater Divine Feminine Spiritual Council to Gaia Communicator* & High Priestess, Healer & Author, Mare Cromwell, in the fall of 2015. Mare has surrendered to serve this Council, which includes Mother Gaia, Mother Mary and other powerful Divine Feminine deities, several of whom are not known here on Earth, to help birth the New Earth coming in presently. (Several gifted Cosmic Shamans have confirmed this to be true.)

The first Gathering was held on the Washington Mall in October of 2016 after Mother Gaia woke Mare up at 5am in late July 2016 and informed her that the Gathering needed to happen in Washington D.C. before the 2016 USA elections. The next Gathering was also on the Washington Mall in Oct, 2018, with a number of satellite ceremonies held around the world on the same day.

In late fall 2018, Mare was given the spiritual instructions that she no longer needed to organize another event on the Washington Mall yet the Spirit Team wished to have annual Goddesses Global Grids continue to help usher in full Ascension here on our Sacred Earth. 


Photo of Mare Cromwell by Dennis Crews


Malihatwa Gwen Therrien, Oct 2020, British Columbia. Photo courtesy of Malihatwa.

The greater purpose of the Global Grid is to bring forth the Divine Feminine (feminine archetypal energies of wisdom, compassion, innocence and more) to help us heal our greatly imbalanced world. There have been so many ecumenical events focused on the Great Father and this event is not to deny the role of the masculine aspect of the Great Mystery.

​The overarching goal of the Global Grid is to create a powerful Unified Field of ceremonies to truly anchor the Divine Feminine into the heart of our Sacred Earth. Another goal of the Grid is to bring in healing energies to ultimately return Sacred Balance between the feminine and masculine back into our world.

This Wisdom and Compassion Gathering is founded on the ancient tradition of Wisdom Gatherings where elders come together around Sacred Fire in council to tune into the wisdom of the fire, and teach to maintain peace and balance in their village.

*Several rather gifted Native Elders have confirmed that Mare is working closely with Mother Gaia. Rainbow Thunder Heart/Bennie LeBeau, a prominent Shoshone elder called her the "Voice of Earth Mother". Another highly esteemed Hawaiian elder, Woody Vaspra, told Mare that her work with Mother Gaia is in the prophecies -- not her name but that someone would be surrendering to Mother to this level to get Mother's messages out via books and events, etc.

An August 2016 interview with Mare by Natalie Ledwell of about the 1000 Goddesses Gathering.

An Interview with Mare on "Goddess Rising: Awakening the Divine Feminine" published in Spirituality and Health Magazine, May, 2017.

Mare shares about the
1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid
​with Dr. Cheryl Scheurer on Aug 6th, 2020.