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You are Invited to Support the
1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid

~ to Help Vitalize the Divine Feminine
around our Sacred Earth. 

Help Ensure the
Ultimate Success of this
Divine Feminine
Unified Field!

Significant time, energy and resources go into organizing this 

Global Grid of ceremonies every year, as Mother Gaia and her councils wish for it to amplify more every year.

We have already received the spiritual message this year that this world-wide event will be larger than anything we have organized before, which is so needed for our Sacred Earth.


And... at the time of this writing, we are incredibly excited to be in preliminary talks with the Heartmath Institute about measuring the collective coherence – or the energetic shift - that is expected to result from the Unified Field of Divine Feminine ceremonies. This is a huge opportunity!


You can support the Global Grid in numerous ways:

• Directly Donate (tax-deductible for USA citizens).  

Sponsor the 1000 Goddesses Gathering and promote your efforts as you do this.


Your contributions will provide funds for:

• Website and E-Newsletter Support - $1150

• Administrative expenses - $4900

• Video Production, plus - $950



1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid, The Tor, Gloustonbury, 2019


1000 Goddesses Gathering on the Washington Mall, 2016

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