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Why the
1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid?
For several thousand years, the Divine Feminine has been repressed and a wounded aspect of the masculine has dominated Western Culture. This has caused great suffering, environmental destruction and world-wide conflict that in still continuing into the present.

The Divine Feminine is now rising to bring balance and healing into the world. Each of us is called to play a role in this healing whether we embody the feminine or the masculine or we consider ourselves non-binary. We are all invited to deeply heal within and step into our Higher Selves during these challenging times.

We are also invited to connect with the Great Divine Mother and come back Home to our Sacred Mother Gaia. A New Earth based on Wisdom and Compassion, and honoring the Sacredness of each of us, including all the Seen & Unseen ones around us -- is being born at this time. We are all here at this time to be mid-wives for it!

We owe this to our children and grandchildren and all beings seen and unseen here on Earth.

Will you join?


Image by Karuna, Permission granted.

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