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The Tibetan Prophecy
The 1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid was inspired by the Tibetan Prophecy that when 1000 Goddesses or Tibetan Buddhist Taras unite, then the tone of our Sacred Earth shall shift from Fear to Compassion.
Mare Cromwell first learned of this Prophecy in reading a Facebook post by Claire Dubois of TreeSisters in the fall of 2015. Claire mentioned it as a metaphor for women gathering together to raise money for reforestation. In the moment that Mare read that post, Mother Gaia said to her:
         “And you will organize that in the physical!”


Mare and other volunteers have searched all over the internet, contacted TreeSisters and sought out Tibetan teachers via friends and this PAGE is the one piece of information about the 1000 Taras that we found in 2016. We reached out to the woman behind that website and she never responded to us. 


Mare knows through personal experience that Native American prophecy holders have a tribal code of not writing down prophecies, as prophecies can shift. She worked closely with one of these elders for a number of years. Hence it is not surprising that even a Tibetan prophecy is challenging to track down.


What Mare can confirm is that Mother Gaia is adamant that the 1000 Goddesses Gather every year for as long as it takes for us to shift our Sacred Earth from Fear to Compassion and heal the planet in a myriad of other ways too. We are well on the way (believe it or not  ;~) )!   xoxoxox


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