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Emmi Mutale is the Founder of "Feminine Revered". She is an intuitive healer, wisdom keeper and a shamanic womb Priestess and teacher, dedicated to re-awakening ancient feminine wisdom. She is an initiate to a South African shamanic lineage and trained in womb shamanism (Fountain of Life and Sanctuary of Sophia) as well as in Zen Shiatsu, Usui and Lightarian Reiki. Emmi is also advanced level EFT (EFTI), Matrix Reimprinting (MRA) and Heal Your Birth Protocols practitioner.

In her sacred healing work, Emmi weaves these modalities together to create a magical experience for deep healing and transformation for women of all ages around the world, holding a safe, protected and non-judgmental space for the emergence of authentic connection, profound knowing and inner power. She works with women one on one and in groups, both face to face, online and in retreat settings with the intention of raising the frequency of our planet and fostering healing one womb at a time.

Emmi also hosts the Sacred Feminine Power 
podcast and runs House of Gaia, a suburban sanctuary and a centre for healing and transformation in Lusaka, Zambia. She is a bestselling author (Fearless Presence & Sacred Redesign), radio host and the creatrix of a soul-centred leadership training for female leaders of civil society organisations. With an MA in Human Rights, Emmi continues to support organisations in their quest to end injustice and inequality and is an advocate for health freedom.

Photo by Olga Kremer

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