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Ceremony Suggestions
​for 1000 Goddesses Gathering
​Sacred Circles

Asibikaashi (c) Claudia Olivos @ Permission

Many have requested guidance about ways to create ceremony for a 1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid sacred circle.

From the first moment that Mother Gaia asked Mare Cromwell to organize the Gathering in 2015, she gave her the vision of women all over the world joining energetically to anchor beautiful Divine Feminine energies into her heart – the center of our Sacred Earth. As we do this, we are deeply amplifying a significant energetic grid across the planet - Gaia's Oneness Grid - to help bring the healing energies in that are so needed now.
As the Global Event has evolved, there came a strong call from Mother Gaia that those embodying the Divine Masculine be present at the satellite ceremonies, to help hold Sacred Space for the ceremonies -- for the Divine Balance. However, women can gather without any men present also. (Please do not let this Call from Gaia deter you if you do not wish to have those embodying the Masculine present ... though Mother is calling us to come into Sacred Balance as we can.)


In 2023, Mother Gaia is specifically calling for us to gather in Ceremony and visualize how we are a Divine Sisterhood, grounded to Mother's Heart and connected all around our Sacred Earth -- weaving our ceremonies together with the support of Grandmother Spider.

Mother is encouraging us to drum, dance, sing, even wail - if needed, to connect with the Divine Feminine spirit teams (and Divine Masculine guardians) to truly raise the spiritual energies woven around the globe. And anchored to Mother's heart!

P.S. Chocolate stations are most encouraged at all

the ceremonies around the world also.

Goddesses need our Chocolate!  :~p

In preparing for this year's 1000 Goddess Gathering Ceremony, you may wish to first learn more about Grandmother Spider and her significant medicine. Spiders may even start appearing to you as messengers of the call to Weave the Divine Feminine energies together on October 21st. They can get your creativity and inspiration flowing.


Love Portal (c) Eva Ruiz. Used by Permission.


Ariadne (c) Claudia Olivos. Used by Permission

Also, ceremonies can be scripted but are also known to arise in the moment, which can be quite fun!


The following are more suggestions to consider in coming together in Sacred Circle for ceremony, to link energetically with us around the Globe on Oct 21, 2023. These suggestions can be applied to an online/virtual ceremony also.

Note: Humbly honoring and sending Gratitude to the native peoples whose cultures from which the teachings about Grandmother Spider source. 


Gaia (c) Claudia Olivos.  Used by Permission


A list of 1000 Goddesses that could be used in ceremony. 

Full ceremony invoking 1000 Goddesses using the list above (thank you, Tess Amoruso).

Divine Masculine "Knighting" Ceremony - to invite the Wounded Masculine to heal into the Divine Masculine. (Thank you to Diana Kelly and Michael Melchizedek)

Also, you are heartedly encouraged to access the Gaia’s Oneness Grid visualization and do this prior to your ceremony (available for free). This was downloaded to Mare Cromwell two days after the 1000 Goddesses Gathering & Global Grid in October, 2018. This came from the overarching Spiritual Council that is behind the Global Grid, which includes the Family of One in our universe. In each of our Unified Fields of ceremonies around the world, we deeply activate Gaia’s Oneness Grid as a result of the network of ceremonies across the planet. Listening to this visualization will connect you spiritually to this Spiritual Council and prime you and your group to more deeply anchor your ceremony to the heart of Mother Gaia.

Below is a suggested outline for leading ceremony for the 1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid.

Note that these suggestions can also be used for a virtual sacred circle where there are women (priestesses) in different locations all participating with prepared parts. Or there is one ceremonial leader who conducts the ceremony as others join in quietly. There are a multitude of ways to do ceremony in person or virtually so you are encouraged to be creative. (This 1000 Goddesses Gathering event in Tiberon, California, led by the late High Priestess Celestine Star, is an example of how one group organized a virtual ceremony on October 24, 2020. The 2022 Global Grid is being dedicated to Celestine.)

Cerridwin (c) Claudia Olivos. Used by Permission


Artemis (c) Claudia Olivos. Used by Permission


Ellis (c) Claudia Olivos. Used by Permission

Leading Ceremony:

  • Create Sacred Space with candles, incense, smudge, etc, prepared.

  • Leave your emotional burdens at the door, so to speak. Smudge before you start, if that is your tradition.

  • Create a group altar with various icons of the Great Mother and Goddesses on it (Kuan Yin, Durga, Isis, Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Osun, Yemaya, etc. Mare did a several day ceremony once where we printed off many images of various Goddesses from different websites to lay around the outer ring of our ceremony. It can be that simple.)

    • You can have images of your ancestors on the altar.

    • Animal totem images also

    • Favorite stones, etc.

  • Light a candle at the altar and activate the altar.

  • Ask for your spiritual guardians to come in, to help hold the space spiritually. (If this is an online ceremony, you can ask that all the participants call on their Spiritual Guardians to help hold sacred space too.)

  • Ask for your ancestors serving the Highest Good to come in also. (And all online participants can call on them also.)

  • Invoke these Goddesses and the Great Divine Mother/Creatrix. Invoke as many as you can, always making it clear that you are asking only for those serving the Highest Good for Divine Plan Alignment to come in. It is important to make that clear.

  • It is wise to also invoke some Gods and the Great Divine Father, for balance. (Some may not agree with this and that is fine. Yet, what our Sacred Earth needs is balance between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine now.)

  • You can play Robert Gass’s “Ancient Mother” song.

  • Another suggestion is the Mantra Ma to invoke the Mother of all Grace, Compassion, Support & Love.


  • Once you have opened up the ceremony and invoked the Mothers in, the next piece is to visualize their love energy coming into your energy body (as it has).

  • And then drop this sacred energy mixed with your energy body down to the heart of Mother Gaia.

  • You can visualize a powerful cord of energy dropping from your root chakra to the very center of the Planet – Mother Gaia's core.

  • Feel this cord getting strongly connected to Mother Gaia’s heart.

  • Then send love from your heart chakra to Mother Gaia’s heart.

  • Next ask Mother Gaia to send her love back to you, to your heart chakra.

  • You can keep on pulsing this love back and forth between you and Mother Gaia, sending the sacred energies of the Divine Mothers within your energy body down to her heart also.


  • Then, chant, dance, sway, move, drum, rattle, keep on sending the energies down into Mother Gaia and out around the world. Or Keen as you and your sacred circle may need to.


  • Visualize all the other beautiful ceremonies around our Sacred Earth -- to connect with all of us.


  • Make it as high vibrational as possible. Fun, silly even (if that is your guidance). Silliness is very high vibrational too!  ;~)


  • You can also include some Sacred Water Ceremony within your circle.

    • Ask everyone participating to bring some sacred water (from a pristine spring or stream, etc.)

    • Pray over it, hold it over your hearts, drum over it, and then pour some into the ground.

    • Keep some water to share with all, to take home with them.


  • Food can be part of your ceremony also. Sacred offerings, sharings.

  • The ceremony can be as long as you want it to be.


  • When you feel that you have reached the end of your ceremony, close it by announcing out loud to the spirit realms that it is officially over, thanking all the guardians, beautiful Mothers and other positive spiritual beings who have come in. (And ask those in your online ceremony to thank their guardians and ancestors also.)


At the 1000 Goddesses Gathering in 2016, we offered these different healing and envisioning stations on the Washington Mall in D.C.:

-  For people to share about their grief.

-  Or seek forgiveness for, or how they might be able to forgive others more.

-  Or list what gives them Joy & Gratitude in their lives.

-  Or how they might envision a beautiful world that we can co-manifest together. (What would this world look like? Different images that come to mind can be shared on paper, drawings, in partners… )

-  Personal pledges/commitments for action steps after the Gathering.

Also in 2016 in DC, we created altars to the Mothers of the Four Elements (per the Yoruba tradition) anchoring the Four Directions (plus a large Goddess Statue in the center with an altar at her base), where we did ceremony. 

-   Mother of Air

-   Mother of Water

-   Mother of Earth

-   Mother of Fire   

At the 2018 Gathering on the Washington Mall, altars were created in the four directions to the four races of our Sacred Earth:

-  East - to the peoples from the East (Asian-Indian regions)

-  South - the indigenous peoples of the Earth

-  West - the African Diaspora

-  North - the European and all Northern peoples


Mary Magdalene (c) Claudia Olivos. Used by Permission


Brigid (c) Claudia Olivos. Used by Permission


Snake Goddess (c) Claudia Olivos. Used by Permission

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