About the Womb-Heart

NOTE: Mare Cromwell will be conducting a series of interviews on the Womb-Heart with international Wisdom Keepers to be available on YouTube by the end of August, 2021 -- to be linked here.


We all know the Womb to be the mystical place of our creation, yet most women have never heard the term “Womb-Heart”. When it is fully healed and awakened, the Womb-Heart is the very core of a Woman’s being. It is her seat of creation, power, creativity and compassion directly linked to her heart center.


All life, all beings, throughout our Universe source from the Womb of Creation in the Universal Realms. Her Quantum Divine Love encompasses each one of us deep within her Great Mother Love, and invites us to open our awareness, hearts and Womb-Hearts to Her. Our Womb-Hearts are always connected to the Womb of Creation, for what is born from Creation, can never be separated from Creation.


When a woman is balanced and grounded in deep self-love, she is able to fully sink into her Womb-Heart and unlock the ancient wisdom that lies hidden there, deep within her center. This center is solidly connected to the Womb-Heart of Mother Gaia and a pulsing connection flows continuously between her and Mother. This woman stands strong in her body, understanding her sacred rapport with all life around her. Her Womb-Heart emanates a significant strength and healing energy. Her voice is confident and wise as she speaks her truth from her core.


Mother Gaia’s Womb-Heart is at the very center of her heart. It is there where her purest healing energies source for all of us to tap into. Mother’s Womb-Heart is intimately linked with her Spiritual Councils which guide her in evolution here on Earth, as her procreative energies synergize with theirs' to continue to heal and manifest life.

[Painting by Andrew Trimmer]

At one point in time, all women lived from their Womb-Hearts and they wove a web of great maternal bonding and support between their Womb-Hearts within their communities. This web was intricately connected with Mother Gaia’s Womb-Heart also.


For more than 5000 years, deeply wounded masculine patterns have suppressed the collective feminine Womb-Heart. Women have endured centuries of such dark repression that we have forgotten that we even possess a dormant Womb-Heart within our energy bodies.


The 1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid 2021 is an invitation for women around the world to come together in Sacred Ceremony to remind ourselves that we can fully heal and activate our Womb-Heart and step into our sovereign, self-compassionate selves. We are being called to reweave our sacred cords with Mother Gaia and each other within the Great Womb of Creation.


To incorporate a focus on the Womb-Heart and Womb Healing, here are some resources:

In this Global Womb Healing Meditation you will connect your own Womb to the Womb Grid of the Earth and the Cosmic Womb of All Creation. You will then be guided through a Womb Purification Guided Transmission, receive the Womb Blessing of the Munay Ki 13th Rite of the Womb and lastly, you will receive a healing sound channeling to further anchor in the ancient Womb Wisdom.

You can also take yourself on a Sacred Womb Sound Journey or connect to your womb by singing this Womb Mantra.